You have now completed the “Shisha No Thanks” online training module.

We hope you enjoyed this training module and found it informative and applicable to your work.

Through these exercises you have explored a range of information about the harms of shisha smoking, challenged some of the associated myths, and explored ways to begin to discuss this topic with your clients.

The issue of shisha smoking can be difficult to address within the community, but once we get these conversations started we can approach shisha smoking as the important health issue that it is. By doing so we can all work towards improving the health and wellbeing of our whole community.

Now that you know the facts and have some knowledge about how to address shisha smoking in the community, the next step is to think about how you can incorporate this into your work.

You may want to consider running an information session, community workshop or youth forum to share this information, or to include information about shisha in other conversations you are having about staying healthy. You could distribute printed resources and website links to community groups, and share information with your clients and their family members about where to get additional support if they want to stop smoking shisha.

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