The ShishaNoThanks project and our partners.

Shisha No Thanks is a research translation project that aims to raise awareness of the harms of waterpipe smoking in young people from Arabic speaking backgrounds, their family, friends and social networks across metropolitan Sydney.

The project is led by South Eastern Sydney Local Health District in partnership with the Lebanese Muslim Association (LMA), NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service, Sydney Local Health District, South Western Sydney Local Health District and the South Eastern Sydney Research Collaboration Hub, University of NSW.

The project is funded by The Cancer Institute NSW.

The Video

ShishaNoThanks video cast and crew
video cast

Ahmad Elkalash
Hayfa Bakour
Omar Hourani
Jelena Hourani
Musa Hourani
Sana Alam
Fatima Lakani
Mazen Salameh
Ali Al Haj Hussein
Safaa Al Haj
Mohammad Farroukh
Samar Alzeiny
Tureif Hourani
Mamdouh Hasan
Dany Hourani
Sammy Hourani
Hanan Yousef
Amanouel Kablo
Joyce Choucair
Louise Lamella
Charles Choucair
Charbel Matar

Special thanks to the Hourani family for the generous loan of their house and backyard for the filming of the video.

video crew

An Inky Smudge/Adventure Group/Filmotion production

Don Francis

Cam Feast

Technical Director:
Fred El Harris

Production Co-ordinator:
Lenard Cassimatis

Andy Postle

Production Assistants:
Zach Matthews,
Chakree Matayanat,
D’Arcy Sabourin

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Production: Inky Smudge
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